What Code?

All paintings have a code like this
in this example you write just 3851. You don´t need to write the name of the painter or the size of the painting!

Delivery Cost

I will ask you to pay the postage fee. If you buy only one painting, then the postage fee will be $60. And then you add $20 for each additional painting. Still not sure how much you will pay? Ok, let's do some mathematics! Let's say that you want to buy 4 paintings. Then the cost for the first painting is $60 and for the second $20, third $20 and fourth $20. So the total cost will be $60+$20+$20+20$ = $120

How to pay?

Once you fill the Purchasing Form, I will send you an invoice and instructions how to pay. One of the accepted ways to pay is through your credit card or PayPal which is a third party company website that is the worldwide Internet Standard for secure online purchasing.

Do you want to pay now?

  Pay Here!

How do we send?

Right now, some painting are located in Tanzania and some in Czech Republic. So your paintings will be sent by EMS Courier from Czech Republic or from Tanzania. After the paintings are sent, you will get a Tracking Number. You can track your paintings here.

Fill in the form and I will come back to you!

Are you new here? Then read HOW TO BUY PAINTINGS

Go to LICENSE FORM if you need images for T-shirts, cups or other products!



delete the example and write the codes of the paintings. You see the code under every painting. Please separate the numbers with comma, slash or dots.


please, include number of house/flat

If you are from USA, just write State/Province after the name of the city

It is good to write your phone number on the parcel....


It is good to write your phone number on the parcel....You must write some message, otherwise the form will not work! Or leave the message as it is, do not delete.



Please, pay only after you receive the confirming letter from Tinga Tinga Studio. You can pay with all major credit cards – VISA, MasterCard and American Express simply by clicking on the “PAY ONLINE” button. If you have a PayPal account, you can pay through PayPal. It is also possible to pay through bank transfer. In case you prefer this option, I will send you the bank details.


I will role the paintings carefully in a tube and send it to your address through EMS (Expedited Mail Service). EMS is reliable and the only complaint I received was around Christmas 2010 when all major airports in Europe were closed due to heavy snow! All tubes arrived safely to its customers. The delivery takes around 5 days but please allow to wait up to three weeks. One time I sent the paintings to Florida on Friday afternoon and my friend Todd received the tube on Monday morning! 3 days is fantastically short time if you consider that the tube was sent from Sub-saharan Africa! I should also tell you that the tube may come to hands of curious custom officers when it arrives to your country. They may or not may ask to pay custom fee, it all depends on your country´s law. Once you receive the tube, remove the paintings and send them to gallery shop for framing. That´s easy!


Tinga Tinga Studio is committed to ensuring that your privacy is protected. You can be assured that the information you provide will only be used for delivering the paintings to you. I may send you rarely email to inform you about some important news in Tinga Tinga. I will absolutely not sell, distribute or lease your personal information to third parties unless I get your permission.


Return Policy: When you get the paintings and you are not satisfied for any reason, you can return them. But please, do it within 7 days of delivery. You will pay the postage and I will return you the money. You don´t need to have any reason but I will ask you out of curiosity.

Disclaimer: The photographs of the paintings are nothing else than photographs and the colours may vary slightly. But the red remains red and the blue remains blue. Didn´t you ever argue with your friend if the color is blue or grey? The colours vary also depending on your computer screen. But since you can return the painting for no reason within 7 days, this does not need to be an issue.

Shipping Cost: You pay the shipping cost. One painting costs $60 to deliver. And for each additional painting $20 is charged. Example: The total cost delivery of 3 paintings will be $60 + $20 + $20 =$100.

Insurance: There is no need to insure the paintings. If the parcel gets lost and you won't receive the paintings, I will refund you. During the 7 years of sending the paintings around the world, the paintings always arrived safely. (ok, one delivery to Saudi Arabia got lost but I sent later even more paintings for free to the customer!)