Tinga Tinga

CODE: 7572
ARTIST: Anthony Jonas
SIZE: 75x75cm
PRICE: $480
TITLE: Tinga Tinga market

This unique painting (on the left) shows the place in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania where the Tinga Tinga paintings come from. You can compare the painting with a photo from the site (above). The main building has green roof, the building on the right is restaurant. You can also see the small tunel in the middle. It is a quite crowded place!

11070 A.Jonas 100x80 SOLD

Antony Jonas - the popular African cartoon paintings from Tinga Tinga

5180 A.Jonas 80x60cm $290

Antony Jonas - the popular African cartoon paintings from Tinga Tinga

6181 Antony Jonas 80x300cm $650

Samwel MATONYA | Biography | Images for Licensing

6177 Matonya 99x69cm SOLD

5650 Matonya 69x99cm SOLD

Mwamedi CHARINDA | Biography | Images for Licensing
Mohamed Charinda also illustrates African tales. Do not miss Charinda's african tales.

Tinga Tinga - Charinda

7976 Charinda 74x54cm $440

Mr. Charinda painted the Tinga Tinga Cooperative. If you haven't visited the Coop yet, then look at the photos bellow

Charinda Art - The devil tree

5088 Charinda 76x90cm $680

Charinda art - the stories of devils

6575 Charinda 80x100cm SOLD

6413 Charinda 80x100cm $570

Charinda Art - African war in Kigoma

6412 Charinda 80x100cm $570

Charinda Art - Albino Killing in Tanzania

5922 Charinda 88x76cm $490

Charinda art

5920 Charinda 80x109cm $570

Maurus MALIKITA | Biography | Images for Licensing

Maurus Malikita - The Muhimbii Hospital

5400 Malikita 120x69cm $650 This painting is in Kenya

9812 Malikita 102x139cm SOLD

9811 Malikita 89x119cm SOLD

9648 Malikita 80x99cm $650



5116 Mitole 75x100cm $590

Saidi Mitole is one of the best cartoonists in Tanzania and his art is on display at the "Welcome Trust Gallery" which is part of the Brittish Museum in London. His paintings called "Dar es Salaam Usiku" (at night) convey strong messages about HIV/AIDS but in a funny way. Another popular theme is "Kariakoo Market" which is one of the biggest commercial hot spots in East Africa.


5117 Mitole 75x100cm $590



9375 Hemedi 155x62cm $550

5229 Hemedi 89x64cm $350

8564 Hemedi 70x50cm $290

8562 Hemedi 70x50cm $290

8561 Hemedi 70x50cm $320

GODFRAY Tiamalu | Biography | Images for Licensing

10280 Godfrey 60x60cm $350

10281 Godfrey 60x60cm $350

Ramadhani SARANGE | Biography | Images for Licensing

5005 Sarange 60x60cm SOLD


4989 Sarange 60x60cm SOLD


4988 Sarange 60x60cm SOLD