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Max Kamundi, Robino Ntila and Samuel Kibwana are not Tinga Tinga painters

MAIKO Kapunda | Biography | View Gallery

9744_Maiko_60x60cm $170

9745_Maiko_60x60cm $170

9739_Maiko_70x50cm $170

9740_Maiko_70x50cm $170

9742_Maiko_70x50cm $170

From left to right: 9513, 9516, 9520. All paintings are 45x45cm. They are stretched on frame and will be sent in box. The price is $110 per painting including the postage fee

Max KAMUNDI | Biography | View Gallery

CODE: 8411
ARTIST: Max Kamundi
SIZE: 100x75cm
PRICE: $590
TITLE: Initiation of Young Girls into Adulthood
This is a great painting which shows how young girls were taught about sex many years ago - and maybe still today in some parts of Africa. No doubt that these girls on the painting are also warned by the old women about men's behaviour. This could be part of ceremony of initiation into adulthood as the title suggest. This asumption is based on fact that the old women is singing and clapping her hands.

4501 Kamundi 100x75cm $590

4756 Kamundi 70x70cm $380

John KILAKA | go to www.kilaka.org

3489 Kilaka 75x100cm $990

3488 Kilaka 75x100cm $990

3487 Kilaka 75x100cm $990

3499 Kilaka 75x100cm $800

3482 Kilaka 100x75cm $1850

This painting was licensed by FIFA during the World cup in South Africa

3481 Kilaka 100x75cm $1300 SOLD

Robino NTILA | Biography | View Gallery

no paintings available