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Makotinga - fusion of Makonde and Tinga Tinga

Tinga Tinga Memo|36 arrived to the Market

This memory card game developed by African Art Products is based on Tinga Tinga art from Tinga Tinga MemoTanzania. All images on the cards were painted by the members of Tingatinga Arts Cooperative Society which was started by the Tinga Tinga family in 1991. Among the painters on the cards there is Daudi Tingatinga, the son of E.S.Tingatinga and Omari Amonde, the only living student of E.S.Tingatinga.

During the development of the Memory Card Game in March 2009, the young and talented Tinga Tinga painter Hasani Thabiti Mchisa passed away. We would like to give him credit for his contribution to the Tinga Tinga Memo|36.

You can order the paintings shown on the cards directly from the painters. You will then get a photo of the painter with his signature. For more information about the orders, memory card game and the painters, please visit www.tingatingamemo.com


10295 Makotinga Mkumba 23x24cm $120

10296 Makotinga Mkumba 28x24cm $120

10297 Makotinga Nakoko 30x27cm $120

10298 Makotinga Amonde 30x25cm $120

10299 Makotinga Omary 23x25cm $120

10300 Makotinga Zuberi 29x23cm $120

10301 Makotinga Tingatinga 27x20cm $120

10302 Makotinga Tingatinga 27x26cm $120

10303 Makotinga Chimwanda 27x30cm $120

10304 Makotinga Rubuni 29x30cm $120

10305 Makotinga Rubuni 32x30cm $120

10306 Makotinga Duke 25x36cm $120

10307 Makotinga Thabiti 28x27cm $120

10308 Makotinga Mimus 23x22cm $120

Tinga Tinga Cubes hand-painted by the son of E.S.Tingatinga



9224 Wood Tray

9225 Wood Tray

9226 Wood Tray

9227 Wood Tray

9228 Wood Tray

9229 Wood Tray

9230 Wood Tray

9231 Metal Tray

9232 Metal Tray

9233 Metal Tray

9234 Metal Tray

9235 Metal Tray

9236 Metal Tray


10320 Hanger 43cm

10321 Hanger 43cm

10322 Hanger 43cm

10323 Hanger 43cm

10324 Hanger 43cm

10325 Hanger 43cm

10326 Hanger 43cm

10327 Hanger 43cm