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It has never been easier to order art works straight from Sub-saharan Africa. I have 7 years experience of dealing with both emerging and internationally recognized artists. I processed orders for UNESCO, Flying Doctor, McKinsey and others. Do not hesitate to write me or call if you have any inovative idea. Everything is possible.

The Director Order

This was a funny order from someone who is also called Daniel :-). Mzungu means white man in Kiswahili.

Tinga Tinga Art Director

The Biggest Order

African Art for Walls
Mr.Mruta painted big house wall in Copenhagen/Denmark!

The Strangest Order

African Art Toilet
Come on! Toilets are always funny!

Everything is possible!

This page is about how to order special art works. If you want to buy the handicraft products, please go to "HANDICRAFT ITEMS" If you want to license images for your products, please visit the section USE IMAGES.

1. Special Sized Paintings

Have you got the feeling that the biggest paintings in the world are still small for your walls? Then you are not alone! There is nothing easier than to order super big painting through us.

Huge African Painting
I am sitting in the middle of huge order (above) and picking up African painting order (below)

African Painting Order

3. Wall Paintings

Why wall paintings? Well - Tinga Tinga has roots in wall paintings. Being it a hut or hotel, the concept is the same. The painters are used to paint on walls - or ceilings...

African Art Decoration - Tinga Tinga

2. Illustrations

You get it! These colorful and naive paintings recreate memories from your childhood. They are perfectly suited for children books. And why not to illustrate some popular African fairy tale with Tinga Tinga paintings? BBC and Walt Disney did it so you can too!

This is illustration for Baobab Publisher

4. Items

Unsurprisingly, Tinga Tinga is painted on various items. The paintings are highly decorative and could change your furniture or treasure box into wonderful things.

Tinga Tinga HelmetTinga Tinga Motorcycle

If you still hesitate to place order, read this blog by satisfied family who turned their boring furniture to joyful pieces for their children room: http://mkadini14.blogspot.com

African Furniture and Decor