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We regret the sudden death of the son of E.S.Tingatinga on 12 May 2015. The only surviving child of E.S.Tingatinga is the daughter Martina who is living in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. It was her father, who started the artistic movement Tinga Tinga.

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It has never been easier to order art works straight from Sub saharan Africa. I have 7 years experience of dealing with both emerging and internationally recognized artists. I processed orders for UNESCO, Flying Doctor, McKinsey and others. Do not hesitate to write me or call if you have any inovative idea. Everything is possible.

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Tinga Tinga Studio is one stop website for all people who are interested in Tinga Tinga art. We focus mainly on licensing and wholesaling of the paintings to our retailers all over the world.

We assist with authentications of art works, organizing exhibitions, providing information about artists and more. We consider all people who deal with Tinga Tinga art as our partners and we are excited to promote this unique art style together with you on the global level.

The website is run by Daniel Augusta, the Marketing Manager of the local Tanzania Art Licensing Agency, TANART. Tinga Tinga Studio is only one of activities of TANART.

Daniel Augusta
Marketing Manager, TANART, Tanzania Art Licensing Agency.

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Many Tinga Tinga artists illustrated children book or illustrated children stories. On of the most prominent illustrators is John Kilaka who is also a very popular story-teller. He frequently visits Europe and tells African tales to school children. His many books were also translated to more than 1 languages. Another painters who illustrated children books are Abdul Mkura, Omary Amonde, Issa Thabiti, Agnes Mpata and others. We would like to present in this section few of them.

Tinga Tinga Painter - Mohamed CharindaMohamed Charinda
Tinga Tinga Painter - Nangida MasaweNangida Masawe


These are three sons and one grandson of remarkable artist named David Mzuguno who passed away in 2010. He was a mine prospector but the Tinga Tinga art captivated him. He developed his own style which we may call Mzuguno style. The paintings are extreemely popular. To read about the Mzuguno style, visit

Juma Mzuguno
Mzuguno Painter - Kipara MzugunoKipara Mzuguno
Mzuguno Painter - Mshana MzugunoMshana Mzuguno
Mzuguno Painter - Rashidi MzugunoRashidi Mzuguno


This exceptional style makes it a great tool of communication between the artists and the world. The paintings are full of symbols and messages. No wonder that some of these paintings were seleceted for the collection of British Museum. The most traditional cartoon paintings depict shaby streets of Dar es Salaam, colourful markets on the countryside or the busy days on Zanzibar. See some paintings on
Tinga Tinga Painter - Mohamed CharindaMohamed Charinda
Godfray TiamaluGodfray Tiamalu
Hemedi MbarukaHemedi Mbaruka
Antony JonasAntony Jonas
Maurus MalikitaMaurus Malikita
Tinga Tinga Painter - Samwel MatonyaSamwel Matonya
Saidi MitoleSaidi Mitole


Most of people interested in African art know Lilanga style paintings. George Lilanga was among most famous African artists and he inspired other artists. See more on
Lilanga Painter - Ras AgonRas Agon
Vipaji gallery - Robert KarintoRobert Karinto
Lilanga Painter - Hendrick LilangaHendrick Lilanga
Vipaji gallery - Malaba AgustinoAgustino Malaba
Lilanga Painter - Stamili SayukiStamili Sayuki


Yes, there remain very few of the first generation of Tinga Tinga painters in Tanzania. Clearly, the most important is Saidi. He met E.S.Tingatinga when he came to Dar es Salaam in 1972.
Tinga Tinga Painter - Hasani KamaleHasani Kamale
Tinga Tinga Painter - Abdul MkuraAbdul Mkura
Tinga Tinga Painter - Noel KapandaNoel Kapanda


The Tinga Tinga art is quite conservative and the artists are not encouraged to experimentation or innovation. However few artists set on different path and challenge the old definition of Tinga Tinga style. These are the creative painters!
Tinga Tinga Painter - Ally Adam OmaryAlly Adam Omary
Tinga Tinga Painter - Steven LewisSteven Lewis
Tinga Tinga Painter - Majidu ChandeMajidu Chande
Tinga Tinga Painter - Steven MkumbaSteven Mkumba
Tinga Tinga Painter - Nangida MasaweNangida Masawe
Tinga Tinga Painter - Nchimbi HalfanNchimbi Halfani
Tinga Tinga Painter - Ally WasiaAlly Wasia
Tinga Tinga Painter - Daimu ZuberiDaimu Zuberi


Tinga Tinga art in general is vibrant and colorful and it is especially true about these artists' artworks. When looking at these pictures, you almost become elevated. The strong colors and the unending number of dots will make you almost dizzy.
Tinga Tinga Painter - Noeli KambiliNoeli Kambili
Tinga Tinga Painter - Mpochogo MwamediMpochogo Mwamedi
Tinga Tinga Painter - Mustapha YusuphuMustapha Yusuphu
Tinga Tinga Painter - Mteko SaidiMteko Saidi
Tinga Tinga Painter - Stephan ChiwinjaStephan Chiwinja


They know what they do and they know where they belong to. Experience the tradition refined by 40 years of continuous artistic hard work. They do push the Tinga Tinga creativity to its limits, but not behind the accepted norms.
Tinga Tinga Painter - Abdallah ChilamboniAbdallah Chilamboni
Tinga Tinga Painter - Iddi IssaIddi Issa
Tinga Tinga Painter - Saidi OmarySaidi Omary


Although you may not notice it at first, these artists rely only on few popular designs. Then they skillfully vary them in a playful way. They can afford to use considerable time to such repetative work only because the paintings proved to be in high demand

Tinga Tinga Painter - Mwamedi ChiwayaMwamedi Chiwaya
Tinga Tinga Painter - Rashidi RubuniRashidi Rubuni


This could be a kind of abstract Tinga Tinga. This term certainly defies the core definition of Tinga Tinga art and sounds strangely as if we said rectangular circle. But as a matter of fact, the artworks has some resemblance to Tinga Tinga art like vacuum horore or repetitive patterns.
Vipaji gallery - Max KamundiMax Kamundi


These paintings are sourced from Dar es Salaam gallery situated on the Oysterbay Penninsula. It was founded by Sister Jean and displays a number of well known and established Tanzanian artists. The art works are not in possession of Tinga Tinga Studio so be patient when you order. Some of them could be sold
Vipaji gallery - Haji ChilongaHaji Chilonga
Vipaji gallery - Evarist ChikaweEvarist Chikawe
Vipaji gallery - Patrick ImanjamaPatrick Imanjama
Vipaji gallery - Salum KambiSalum Kambi
Vipaji gallery - Lute MwakisopileLute Mwakisopile